March 2012

Top Career Tools To Test Your Aptitude

Your ability or talent to do something plays an important role in improving your career.  This is what you called aptitude.  Having a high aptitude on something may result to a better and successful career.  There are career tools to test your aptitude.  These tools will help you in finding which job matches your personality and which career that you have an aptitude for.  Here are some of the top career tools to test your aptitude:


·         TestQ.  This website focuses on the different types of career quizzes where you will be tested on what job best fits you based on your resume.  Different personality quizzes and tests are also done in this website.

·         Career Path.  This is a career resource website that will help you in making the right decision on what career you will choose.  The resources in this website include career advice, tests and quizzes.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Charlotte, North Carolina

Unemployment benefits are now available in various states especially in Charlotte, North Carolina. You are eligible for the said benefits when you are a Charlotte resident who has lost your job through no fault of your own. The unemployment insurance benefit is handled by the Employment Security Commission (ESC) of North Carolina.

Ways in filing your claim:

·         Claimants can file via online which takes about 20 minutes and you also need to register for work in order for the employers to find your resume in the database in a search of the Employment Security Commission.

·         Claimants can also file unemployment benefits over the phone by simply calling the toll-free number 1-877-841-9617 which is open 24/7.

·         You can also file in person for unemployment benefits at an Employment Security Commission in a North Carolina office.

Instructions in applying for unemployment benefits