February 2012

Top 5 Strategies to finding a job

Searching for the right job or any job in particular does take some time to find the perfect job position.  You will need to figure out what factors will assist you best to search for work.  It’s important to become completely aware of these factors as it will assist you to fully utilize good resources along with minimizing or eliminating negative resources.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle of the page and distinguish skills, personal traits, friends and resources you will be able to call upon or ask for on the left side of the paper.  For instance, you can report helpful qualities such as support from family and friends, motivation to find work, etc.  Then on the right side of the paper, describe furthermore of what you will do with each of the identified areas.  Talk with your family and friends the kind of work that you’re searching for.  Take the time out to think about your overall motivation levels and how to keep those levels high without wearing yourself out.

How to Use LinkedIn for Networking

LinkedIn is perfect to use for business and career development and has proved to be very valuable.  A majority of people using LinkedIn as a way to form a partnership, make a sale, and get a job.   It has been found that the average amount of LinkedIn connections for people who work for Google is approximately forty-seven people.  Research has found that people who have over twenty connections are thirty four more in all likelihood to be approached for a job possibility than those who have less than five contacts. 

There are well over 8.5 million professionals from all over th