January 2012

How To Do a Targeted Job Search


An essential defined career objective to have in one’s life and it helps to select the best career path.  Once you have decided on your career goals then you’ll be able to choose a job type that will correspond with your goals and interest in the best field of work.  Defining your goals at times can limit the job search and there is a chance to leave out some good job opportunities.  Therefore, it is pertinent to be flexible while choosing your career.  You must be willing to work in more than a single area.

The Best College Degrees That Bring High-Paying Jobs

Current students who are in school and people who desire to go back to school are looking for a way to ensure to make the best amounts of money after they finish their college career. Students who are pursuing a degree in math and/or sciences may not be a surprising factor to say the least. However, there are other majors that can lead to lucrative paycheck.




Economists can earn a median mid-career salary of $94,700 with a median beginning salary of $47,300.  Most economics majors will usually choose a career in finance and business-related fields.  This degree normally has top salaries within the banking and finance organizations. However, the reports from American Economic Association this field allows for economics to go into a variety types of work including nonprofit work and public policy work, research, education, government, law, and consulting.


Political Science and Government

How to Make Changes to Your Resume to Bring Success


There are so many job seekers out there who are just trying to land a job of any kind and then there are job seekers out there who are trying to land the job of their dreams and both end up being rejected just because of their resume.  This means that the potential employee needs to take a substantial amount of time to devote to improving their resume and create an superb resume that will grab the immediate attention of a potential employer.  Although technology has changed immensely people need to be willing to change along with it and job seekers will have to change too.  A new program that is being used by companies may completely alter the way a resume need to be changed in order to catch the possible employer’s attention and potential job employers need to be aware of this new program development.  It turns out that many companies are using an applicant-tracking system which means that your resume may not be seen by a real person unless the system has flagged it as a resume of interest.  The applicant-tracking system software looks for certain keywords that match what the firm is looking for in terms of overall experience and skills.  Many job seekers may feel that companies using these type applicant-tracking systems are unfair and that it penalizes those who didn’t customize their resumes.  Potential employers need customize their resume to include keywords to the job they are applying for as it will help to increase their chances of obtaining a job.


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