December 2011

Where to Find Job Openings

State Job Services; Vocational, School Guidance Technical or College Placement Centers; and “Help Wanted” Ads


Finding job openings and then finally getting the job you want is a challenging process but knowing more about the best job search methods and techniques can help increase your chances of job success.  It’s important to learn how to judge the best job offers which will help you get the best one.  Checking many sources to find out about job openings will help to make sure you’re not missing out on potential jobs that meet what you’re looking for the most.  Job hunters need to treat searching for a job as a full-time job and be committed to searching and applying for jobs. 

State Job Services

How to Create a Career Portfolio for Students

A career portfolio helps the job seeker to compile all of their recent and most relevant accomplishments.  The individual needs to share their best work and should display this work carefully within the entire process.  There are several items needed to create a career portfolio such as:

·         Three-ring notebook binder

·         Letter of introduction

·         Resume

·         Three letters of recommendation

·         Three samples of your work

·         An official transcript from your high school

·         Copies of your personal achievements and personal interests

This career portfolio will stay with you for your entire career and will be edited as you progress through your career.  A well written letter of introduction is one the most important requirements of your career portfolio. This letter will provide an instant introduction to potential employers. This letter should provide both personal and professional spotlight on your work.

Real Job Interview Questions No One Wants To Be Asked

such as "Why was your GPA (grade point average) not a 4.0?"

No one truly enjoys going through job interview process while attempting to capture a job.  There are many unique interview questions that are asked and some job seekers may not want to answer those questions.  I admit that some of these questions would stump me a little but I know after thinking about it or asking for further clarification I would be able to answer their questions to the best of my abilities.  Here is a sample list of real job interview questions:

1.  Why was your GPA (grade point average) not a 4.0? 

This question was asked for a job as a wireless engineer at Apple corporation.


2.  How many piano tuners are there in the state of Massachusetts?

Game Porting Technical position at Happy Cloud.

How New Graduates Can Land a Job

There are new graduates at the end of every college semester or quarter who are excited to leave college going onto the next stage of their lives.  Unfortunately without a job moving onto that stage will take some time due to the current recession. 

New graduates need to learn how to work which means rolling up their sleeves and basically getting into the job.  They need to be willing to put their full effort and energy into it and work hard.  Unfortunately the past generation of Baby Boomers/MeGen has been blamed for spending the past 30 years pursuing easy career paths with success.