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Real Job Interview Questions No One Wants To Be Asked

such as "Why was your GPA (grade point average) not a 4.0?"

No one truly enjoys going through job interview process while attempting to capture a job.  There are many unique interview questions that are asked and some job seekers may not want to answer those questions.  I admit that some of these questions would stump me a little but I know after thinking about it or asking for further clarification I would be able to answer their questions to the best of my abilities.  Here is a sample list of real job interview questions:

1.  Why was your GPA (grade point average) not a 4.0? 

This question was asked for a job as a wireless engineer at Apple corporation.


2.  How many piano tuners are there in the state of Massachusetts?

Game Porting Technical position at Happy Cloud.

3.  Name at least three things that would cause you not to take the position if you were told they were part of the job?

Applications Support at Allant Group


4.  A 22 year old young woman who is currently getting a bachelor's degree, is taking her 100-year-old grandmother for her driving test. What can be said about this family? Actuarial Analyst ad AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange

5.  If you came into work late for some reason (woke up late, weather, health, etc), how would you compensate the company for the lost time? Field Engineer at Schlumberger

6.  Why should we hire you as you don't seem like our type?

Account Executive at EMC.


7.  Sing several lines of your favorite song.

Trainee Network Engineer at HCL Comnet Systems and Services Limited.


8. Have you ever stolen office supplies from work?

Management Trainee at Bank of America.